An experimental application protocol of Fixes. The on-chain 𝔉rc20 token indexer and maintainer.

FRC20Indexer is an on-chain Indexer based on the Fixes inscription protocol, which is used to parse and utilize 𝔉rc20 tokens recorded in the Fixes inscription.

At the same time, it also provides support for the Treasury Pool for 𝔉rc20 Tokens, allowing the token value of frc20 to naturally increase during any operation regarding the token.

𝔉rc20 Types

𝔉rc20 Indexer offers two types of tokens:

  • a standard mode that follows the BRC-20 protocol

  • a burnable mode that allows burn operation by holders.

How will the 𝔉rc20 Indexer handle $FLOW in the inscription?

  • All operations performed on the 𝔉rc20 Indexer application Inscription will extract $FLOW to the corresponding Token Treasury Pool.

    • 5% of them will be extracted and deposited into Platform Pool of 𝔉rc20 Indexer, which will provide certain support for FIXeS operational activities and cover development expenses.

  • For burnable 𝔉rc20 Tokens, when the holder applies an 𝔉rc20 inscription containing a burn operation, the corresponding $FLOW tokens can be extracted from the Treasury Pool.

𝔉rc20 Pools

Indexer manages: Treasury Pool, Staking Pool and Liquidity Pool(TBD)

  • Treasury Pool - Each 𝔉rc20 Token has its own Treasury Pool, and when any 𝔉rc20 Inscription is applied, the internal $FLOW will be automatically injected into this pool.

  • Staking Pool - Users can share platform profits by staking platform 𝔉rc20 Tokens: $FLOWS, and they can also receive 𝔉rc20 vesting donated by users.

  • Liquidity Pool(TBD) - 𝔉rc20 Token can form a trading pair with $FLOW Token and be added to the liquidity pool for users to swap. When the 𝔉rc20 Token is injected into the liquidity pool as staking mode, the Treasury Pool will automatically contribute a certain amount of $FLOW Token to provide liquidity.

𝔉rc20 Marketplace

Marketplace is launched: https://fixes.world/marketplace

Check out the intro of FIXeS Marketplace:

𝔉rc20 Staking

$FLOWS staking is open: https://fixes.world/stake/flows

Check out the intro of FIXeS Staking:

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