💡What is FIXeS?

FIXeS World is an executable inscription protocol on Flow blockchain.

It allows users to inscribe anything on the blockchain and also provides the 𝔉rc20 tokens.

Currently, it provides the following features:

  • Tokens -> Deploy/Mint/Transfer/Burn 𝔉rc20 Tokens.

  • Markets -> Trading 𝔉rc20 Token, you can place a buy or sell order.

  • Staking -> Stake specific 𝔉rc20 Token to share platform profits and multiple 𝔉rc20 token vestings.

  • Governance -> Vote on proposals to participate in governance.

  • Lottery -> Purchase lottery tickets to get a chance to win $FLOW or 𝔉rc20 Tokens.

  • Claims -> Hold a specific Flow NFT and free to claim 𝔉rc20 Tokens.


The concept of Fixes inscription

The concept of 𝔉rc20 On-chain Indexer

The rules of FIXeS Lottery


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