🎟️Lottery Game

A 100% on-chain lottery system on FIXeS protocol

Inspired by https://www.powerball.com/

Basic Concept


You need to participate by purchasing a Lottery Ticket.


Each ticket contains 5 white balls and 1 red ball. They are all numbers, and the range of numbers:

  • White Balls: 1 ~ 33

  • Red Ball: 1 ~ 16

When your tickets matches the winning result according to the rules, you will receive the corresponding prize.

Prizes and Jackpot:

The jackpot grows until it is won. Players win a prize by matching one of the 9 ways to win. The jackpot is won by matching all five white balls in any order and the red ball.


You can choose to pay more when buying lottery tickets as PowerUp to increase the multiplier after winning.

Note: The Jackpot is not affected by Powerup and only depends on the current accumulated Jackpot and the number of Jackpot winners.

Game Pools

Currently, two prize pools are available.


    • The Prize Token is $FLOW.

    • Each ticket price is 0.1352 $FLOW (And also you can take 1 $FLOW to purchase 1 Ticket and mint 4000 $fixes before $fixes are minted out)

    • The lottery will be drawn automatically every three days.


    • The Prize Token is $fixes

    • Each ticket price is 2000 $fixes

    • The lottery will be drawn automatically every three days.

Note: customized numbers choosing is still WIP, current the number of tickets are generated randomly when purchasing.

For on-chain randomness on Flow, please refer to: https://flow.com/post/on-chain-randomness-on-flow

Winning rules

PrizeRankMatch RuleEstimated PrizeService fee


5 White + 1 Red

Grant Prize



5 White

50000 x TicketPrice



4 White + 1 Red

5000 x TicketPrice



4 White / 3 White + 1 Red

25 x TicketPrice



3 White / 2 White + 1 Red

4 x TicketPrice



1 White + 1 Red / 1 Red

2 x TicketPrice


  • The Grant Prize is at least 50% of the current epoch's prize pool.

  • The remaining 50% and the accumulated jackpot pool will be used to prioritize the payment of non-Jackpot prizes (Second ~ Sixth). The remaining prize money will all be included in the Grant Prize.

  • If the total prize pool is too small, non-Jackpot prizes will decrease dynamically based on the balance of the total prize pool.

  • The Prize of Jackpot, Second, and Third will be deducted by a certain Service Fee.

  • The Service Fee will be deposited into the platform's treasury pools.

    1. For $FLOW Lottery, 8% will be deposited to $flows Staking Pool's reward strategy and 8% will be deposited to platform vault.

    2. For 𝔉rc20 Lottery, 16% will be deposited to $flows Staking Pool's reward strategy.

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